Compassion offers tremendous benefits for both physical and mental health

According to a 2013 report by Psychological Science, not only does compassion offer tremendous benefits both physically and mentally, it may be the reason we have survived.

Compassion is a natural and automatic response. Chimpanzees and rats have been shown in scientific studies to go out of their way to help an animal they believe is suffering without expectation of any reward. Not putting myself in the same category as a rat or a chimp, that’s the goal of my new website.

Each day when we hand our lives over to social media we face negativity. Everyone is fighting. People who don’t really know each other and most likely have never met or will ever come face to face are ready to start a war on any topic they have an opinion on.

It’s not just the world of animal rescue being attacked. I’ve seen the same type of fighting in diet groups as well as a bodybuilding group I joined and soon abandoned (one woman was bashed in the group for asking whether she should visit a gym without the approval of her husband).

Future articles will promote acts of kindness by everyday people. Some will be about animals rescued or taken in by a kind stranger. Others will be about those offering a helping hand to those in need. And some will delve into science as to why we do the things we do. I’m not an expert, so please keep that in mind as you enter this ‘adventure’ with me.

I’m tired of the fighting, of being afraid to check in with friends on Facebook because so many of them are critisized on a daily basis. I believe by bringing some good news to my readers I can be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

If compassion is one key necessary for our survival, does NOT being passionate mean we’re slowly killing ourselves?

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