After nearly 107 years and 70 descendants a Canadian man gets a namesake

After nearly 107 years and 70 descendants a Canadian man gets a namesake.

photo credit Jenna Lehne

Esmond Allcock is one of Canada’s oldest residents. At 108, the widower resides in an assisted living facility in Kerrobert, Saskatchewan.

Over the years, Esmond has watched his family grown to more than 70 descendants. He has six children, 17 grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren and 12 great-great grandchildren. None of them carried his name as their first name.

That changed last year when great granddaughter Jenna Lehne, who lives five hours away in Okotoks, Alberta,  got pregnant with her second child, She told her story on Love What Matters saying

“When I got pregnant with my second, he mentioned to my grandmother that he was responsible for 71 descendants and no one had named their son after him. My husband and I had wanted to name our new son after family, and that just sealed the deal.”

Little Esmond was born on January 11, 2017 and Esmond was overjoyed. Not only for finally having someone to carry on his name, but in the opportunity to meet his great-great grandson.

Some of the other members of the family carry Esmond as their middle name but no one is sure why it took 78 years for a family member to be given his first name.

“He takes such joy in his family and his decedents. He’s met all of his great-great-grand-kids and he loves each and every one of them,” Lehne told CNN News. Esmond, Sr. was overjoyed when he met his namesake during a surprise visit last spring.

Lehne describes her family tree as a ‘family forest’ who are spread out all over the place and use social media to share updates and keep in touch.

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