Between 15 and 20 people showed up to help flooded Kentucky animal shelter

A Kentucky no-kill animal shelter is overwhelmed with gratitude after the rescue community stepped up to save the cats and dogs after their sump pump failed on Saturday, leaving the facility under water. Between 15 and 20 people came to help out and to clean up.

photo Facebook New Hope Animal Rescue

The shelter, located at 526 Atkinson Street in Henderson, had about five inches of standing water in some areas of the shelter after heavy rains Saturday. Shelter director Paula Hawkins stated in an interview with The Gleaner

“We get the runoff anyway, so we had our sump pumps going like we always do. But that night, on Saturday night, it was raining so hard. I told my sister that we needed to go to the rescue center and check on things. I just felt like we needed to check. Sure enough, the leaves and sticks from the (flood water) had clogged up our sump pumps and it flooded our whole place.”

The cats were high enough off of the ground not to be in danger and the dogs were in their beds. Since the flooding the dogs now have beds with legs that are off the floor.

The emergency was posted on Facebook and within an hour foster homes were found. The shelter posted a message of gratitude saying

“All the dogs and cats are safe. They have all went to foster homes. I am in tears! So many came to help and it means the world to me! You guys amaze me ! I love you all and foster families….please take care of my babies! God bless! Paula”

The parking lot was so full people were parking out on the road. Some came from as far as Owensboro, Calhoun and Evansville to help bleach everything down and make sure the bowls were clean. Some ladies took home towels to wash for the shelter.

No animals were killed and no food lost because their food is kept in metal trash cans.  As of Tuesday all of the animals are back at the shelter except the two dogs who found a forever home with the people who acted as their emergency foster family.

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