Good Samaritan in Akron credited with saving bus driver and passengers during medical emergency

This Good Samaritan story shows how things in life fall into place, when someone does something out of the ordinary and a miracle occurs.

photo screenshot YouTube

That happened recently in Akron, Ohio when two best friends of 30 years were chatting on a bus when Metro RTA operator Jennifer Simmons and Shirley Blanks were chatting as Jennifer was transporting passengers on West Market Street when Jennifer had a medical emergency.

In an interview with News5Cleveland  Jennifer described the scary situation both women (and several passengers) faced

“I got dizzy. And I just knew something was going on. All I could think was I’ve got to keep my foot on this brake. God sent my guardian angel.”

Not only did Shirley manage to stop the bus and put it in park, she made sure her friend was cared for and the passengers were safely off the bus.  Blanks told News 5

“I was like, ‘Are you okay?’ And she was like, ‘Yeah.’ Then she passes out. But we are over to the side, safely. I’m like, how do I get this bus in park?” 

This was the first time Shirley had rode that particular bus. Jennifer was cleared to go back to work after spending a week in the hospital. Both ladies believe Shirley was on the bus for a reason that day.

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