Co-worker secretly raising funds to send compassionate employee on a dream vacation

A 25-year employee of the Hub Shopping Center Walgreens in Richland, Minnesota will get a dream vacation if a co-worker is successful in secretly raising the funds via  GoFundMe to send “The Walgreens Lady” on a dream vacation.

photo courtesy of GoFundMe

The webpage, titled “Send Irene to Paradise” was started by pharmacy technician Stephanie Richards and tells what a wonderful person Irene is stating

“If you have been to the Richfield Walgreens in the Hub Shopping Center within the past 25 years you have met Irene. The “Walgreens”  lady who welcomes  EVERY single customer with a loud “Welcome to Walgreens” when you enter the store. When checking out you may have gotten to know her a bit and share a nice laugh and every time she wishes EVERY single person a blessed day/night/holiday and tells you to be safe as you exit the store.”

Irene will celebrate her 25th anniversary on April 7 and is known all around town as “The Walgreen’s Lady.”

Over the years, Stephanie has gotten to know Irene and has already raised $2,740 of a $10,000 goal in only two days.

Despite recently suffering a stroke, Irene still sees the good in everyone and does her best to welcome everyone to the store.

Stephanie is hoping to keep the GoFundMe a secret after learning Irene was never able to afford a vacation and had never been father than Michigan and Chicago. She wants to go to Portland, Oregon or Hawaii.

Stephanie wrote. “I will make sure I videotape the moment I tell her the secret and I will share it with everyone.”

Please feel free to share Irene and the GoFundMe with friends and family. Feel free to donate. Or not. The choice is yours.

I thought this a deserving story to show the readers that there are still good people in this world. Sometimes we just have to search a bit longer to find them.

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