Custom ‘doggy shower’ is a hot trend in home improvement

Let’s face it, we all spoil our dogs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a home improvement that would benefit not only our dogs but the homeowner as well.

photo Dering Hall (Instagram)

One hot trend is a custom built doggy shower. While a bit pricey to contract the work ($1,000+), dog owners who made the decision to install a shower for their dog say the money saved on carpet cleaning alone is worth the investment.

It can be difficult to bathe a big dog and costly to use a groomer. There may be pain involved for those who attempt a DIY (do it yourself) bath because a lot of dogs don’t like being lifted into a regular tub (they get the wiggles).

The best way to go about adding a doggy shower to your home is to ask for contractor recommendations in your area. Check the company out online as well as with review sites such as the BBB and Yelp.

As most families have at least one dog, your home would increase in value, should you ever decide to sell,

Be sure to share this article with friends and if you’re considering this type of remodel project, the photo above is an excellent example of how the doggy shower is constructed.

For those of you who prefer to give their dog a shower the old-fashioned way, heres a cute short video of a Frenchie and his owner (Instagram).

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