Heroic Greenville bus driver: “A transfer truck has just ran off the road and hit me”

A heroic bus driver described an accident in Greenville County, South Carolina involving her bus carrying special needs children and a tractor-trailer who ran off of the road and collided.

bus crash caught on video

The collision happened on Fairview Road between Wilson Bridge Road and Rivers Edge Circle shortly after 3 p.m. Tuesday.

The tractor-trailer ran off the right side of the road as it was driving north, hit a power pole, then crossed back over the center line.  According to the Greenville County Schools Transportation Department, there were four special needs students from Sara Collins Elementary School and Washington Center on board, along with the bus driver and an aide.

Today driver Tammy Cummings is being called a hero. As a school bus safety trainer for Greenville County Schools, Tammy actually wrote their special needs training textbook. Drivers are trained using scenario-based skits so drivers are prepared for the worst.

The driver of the tractor-trailer, Gary Mccan, 24, was charged with driving left of the center line. He was transported by EMS to a local hospital.

This video released by the Greenville County School District shows the moments leading up to the impact (NOT graphic although a bit unsettling to watch), as well as how Cummings used her special needs training to play games with the students until help arrived. (Facebook video may be slow to load). The link is here.

Thank you, Tammy. You are definitely a hero to the students as well as to your community. No one on the bus was seriously injured. In an interview with FoxCarolina, Tammy stated

“I really do believe the Lord was with us.”

“I felt a calmness in me when I saw that trailer coming to me” the bus aide added. She told FoxCarolina she prays for the children twice a day.

Please post the name of the bus aide in the comment section. I haven’t found it in the sources.

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