Rescue at 30 feet: Compassionate tree service saves mama opossum and her family

This is the happy ending story of an Easley, South Carolina tree service that joined together with an opossum rescuer to ensure a mama opossum and her offspring were rescued and transported to a safe place.

David Seeger, owner and operator of J & D Tree Care  contacted opossum rescuer Sheri Breazeale Kassalias (AKA  mom to the late Opie Kass) early Thursday morning when they were on a job site off of Mills Avenue for a tree removal.

As David was trimming the tree back, he discovered a possum hiding in a cavity  a good 30-feet high in the air. Sheri  rushed over and they came up with  a plan to cover the opening so the possum could not come escape.

David duct taped a blanket and a towel tightly around the opening and cut the far end of the tree off. The possum, now named Josephine, could only back up about six inches.

That huge section of the tree was slowly hoisted down into the bed of the truck where David and Sheri  unwrapped it and were able to capture Josephine without fear of her escaping.

Sheri  quickly scooped up Josephine and brought her home so she could decompress from all the noise and the stress. Sheri noticed a pouch full of babies while she was setting her up with food and water.  By checking inside the tree, David and his team managed to save an entire family!

Josephine and her little ones were transported over to Brantley Harrison where they were cared for throughout the day, then Connie Reese  from The Opossums Pouch Rescue and Rehabilitation picked them up.

Feel free to leave a thank you on the J & D Tree Care Facebook page. Their compassion is very much appreciated and very rare these days. Thank you Sheri for providing these wonderful photos.

For more happy endings, please like the CompassionBuzz page on Facebook.

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